The UK club for adult LEGO® fans

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What's inside?

Discussion forum

We have a very active discussion forum inside where you can discuss everything LEGO-related with other members. Some of the things we discuss are:

  • What's happening at LEGOLAND Windsor
  • The pick-a-brick selection at the LEGO brand stores
  • What's currently on offer at Argos, Toys R Us and other retail outlets (you'll never pay full price again!)
  • Our latest models and other cool creations in the community
  • Building techniques
  • LEGO news from other websites

We realise you can talk LEGO at loads of other websites, but we're (nearly) all in the UK and a very friendly bunch!

Detailed member map

A large version of that on the Join Us page so you can find members who live local to you.

Details of members-only events

Including private house-fests, our AGM and our legendary Christmas party at LEGOLAND Windsor.

Members' image gallery

Not a replacement for Brickshelf or flickr, but a place where members can share images we don't want (or can't let) others to see.