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The Brick Issue

The Brick Issue is the Association's very own magazine which is printed in colour on high quality paper and mailed to members on publication during March, July and November.

Low-resolution PDF copies of back issues are available for download below. Print copies can be obtained for £1.50 by contacting the Chairman whose details are given on the contacts page.

Please note that the PDFs are up to 3Mb in size so may take a while to download.

Issue 28, March 2013

Brick issue cover
  • Knobtown Road Station, Anthony Tomkins
  • Cuusoo ~ The Story So Far, Peter Reid
  • A Brush With Fame, Tim Goddard
  • Around The World On A Wheelchair, Simon Burfield
  • A Newbies Guide To The BA Website, Various contributors
  • Golowood Chronicle, Peter Corish

Issue 27, December 2012

Brick issue cover
  • Modifying LEGO - for the Egyptians, Steven Tasker
  • An Age-Old Cure for Old-Aged LEGO, Various contributors
  • Jubilee Year: Building a LEGO Tram, Adrian Croshaw
  • Review of the 10th Great Western LEGO Show, Various contributors
  • Golowood Chronicle, Peter Corish

Issue 26, August 2012

Brick issue cover
  • Happy Birthday to ... er ... Us!, Robert Clarkson
  • Mosaics, Stephen Juby
  • Member Profile, Fernanda Rimini
  • Elementary Favourites, Skegga (Eleanor Thorn)
  • Ambassadors, Ideas & MOCs on Display, Gary Davis
  • United in Manchester, Dr. Dave Watford
  • Build When You’re Winning, Wesley Keen
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 25, March 2012

Brick issue cover
  • I'm Out...and Proud!, James Camplin
  • AGM Agenda, Ed Diment
  • (Building) The Old Curiosity Rock, Barney Main
  • SNOT Lettering, William Howard
  • Member Profile, Paula Sedley-Burke
  • Member Profile, Andy Glascott
  • AFOLCON and The LEGO Show, Warren Elsmore
  • LEGORENA, Steve Price
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 24, December 2011

Brick issue cover
  • Southport Air Show, Robert Clarkson
  • The Great Western LEGO Show, Various Contributors
  • 5 minute model: Desk, Clever Person
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 23, June 2011

Brick issue cover
  • The future of the BA, Ed Diment
  • AFOLCON 2011, James Shields
  • Buckinghamshire Railway Show, Eleanor Thorn
  • USS Intrepid meets USS Intrepid, Ed Diment
  • 5 minute model: Engine, Richard Forster-Pearson
  • Brick-oku, Pabs
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 22, March 2011

Brick issue cover
  • Designing a trail layout, David Tabner
  • LEGO trains, David Graham
  • Brick Trick: Controlling 9v trains with PF, Richard Forster-Pearson
  • LEGO at WEXWorlds, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: Launch harbour master, David Tabner
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 21, November 2010

Brick issue cover
  • Models in Manchester - Event Report, Robert Clarkson
  • The Great Western LEGO Show 2010 - Event Report, Various Contributors
  • LEGO Landscapes - Event Report, Naomi Farr
  • Building an Army of LEGO Daleks!, James Shields
  • The MUGS Report, James Shields
  • Brick Trick, David Tabner
  • Brick-oku, Ian Greig aka Bluemoose
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade

Issue 20, July 2010

Brick issue cover
  • AGM Report, James Shields
  • Back to Block - Amy Winehouse, Justin Ramsden
  • PF Trains, Alec Hole
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • Art Deco Power, David Tabner
  • Heroes of Energy - MOSI Event Report, Robert Clarkson
  • Brick-oku, Ian Greig aka Bluemoose
  • Brick Trick, David Mackenzie

Issue 19, March 2010

Brick issue cover
  • Christmas Party Review, Doctor Sinister
  • STEAM - event review in photos, Various contributors
  • Hot Sets, David Graham
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • Not Bored But Certainly Game, Sian Hockaday
  • LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Modelmaker Auditions, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: Wall.E and EVE, James Shields and James Brophy
  • Brick-oku, Ian Greig aka Bluemoose
  • AGM Teaser and Agenda, Michael LeCount

Issue 18, August 2009

Brick issue cover
  • LEGOholics Anonymous, Carl Greatrix
  • We Built It “My Way”, Gary Davis
  • 100 Years of British Flight, Ed Diment
  • Mission to Moscow, Pete Reid
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • What’s New At, Huw Millington
  • Alresford Festival Event Report, Peter Corish and Anthony Tomkins
  • 30 Years of Classic Space - the Aftermath, James Shields
  • Brick Tricks, Stuart Crawshaw and Louise Dade

Issue 17, March 2009

Brick issue cover
  • New Year Party Review, Doctor Sinister
  • Thirty Years of Space, James Shields
  • Neo-Classic Space, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: Computer Terminal, Pete Reid and James Shields
  • Tranquility Base, Louise Dade
  • AGM Teaser, Michael LeCount
  • Merrist Wood Event Review, David Tabner
  • Drogheda Animal Rescue Centre, James Shields
  • Just for Laughs, Phil Traviss

Issue 16, November 2008

Brick issue cover
  • Happy Birthday Minifig, Richard Ellis
  • Mini Media Mayem, Darren Smith
  • STEAM Event Review, James Shields
  • 5 minute model: British Army Tent, Jason Railton
  • Skaerbaek Event Review, James Shields
  • Jedi News: Death Star Build in Store, James Shields

Issue 15, July 2008

Brick issue cover
  • Ferraris don't have to be red, Mark Palmer
  • Member profile: Jon Goldsworthy,
  • Small farm model, Sian Hockaday
  • Avians, Tim Goddard
  • LEGO photography, Mark Palmer
  • Book review: LEGO Mindstorms NXT zoo, Louise Dade
  • Stanier Black 5, Andrew Harvey
  • 2008 AGM report, James Shields
  • Five minute model: Piano, Martin Long

Issue 14, March 2008

Brick issue cover
  • Stuart and Naomi's house fest, James Shields
  • 6th Brickish AGM, Michael LeCount
  • Member Profile: Robert Clarkson,
  • LEGOLand Discovery Centre Berlin, Chris Hall
  • East Brickley station, David Tabner
  • 50th Anniversary media frenzy, Simon Bennett
  • Brick built roads, Peter Reid
  • Five minute model: 4-wide coach, Richard James

Issue 13, November 2007

Brick issue cover
  • Brickish Association 'Newbies', Ralph Savelsberg et. al.
  • BA Christmas party, James Sutton
  • The Princess and the Frogs, Neil Martin
  • LEGO 75th Anniversay celebration, William Howard and Martin Long
  • Member profile: Mandy Dee,
  • Point controllers, Richard James
  • Red Arrow, Ralph Savelsberg and Ed Diment
  • 5 minute model: Classic LEGO duck, Richard James

Issue 12, July 2007

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Wasp, Ralph Savelsberg
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Bulleid Q1, Mark Palmer
  • Member Profile, Ed Diment
  • HMS Edinburgh, Ed Diment
  • Merrist Wood 2007, David Tabner

Issue 11, March 2007

Brick issue cover
  • Member Profile, Stuart Crawshaw and Naomi Farr
  • Five minute model: Love Seat, William Howard
  • Double Cross Vignette, Neil Martin
  • Merrist Wood Models, David Tabner
  • Space Monorail, Stephen Juby
  • Modular Castle Town, William Howard
  • Irish Trains, James Shields
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Brick Tricks, William Howard and Tim Gould

Issue 10, November 2006

Brick issue cover
  • Event Report: Brickfest 2006, Peter Reid
  • BA Christmas Party flyer, James Sutton
  • Five minute model: Goat, Jason Railton
  • Game On - LEGO Traffic Jam, Fiona Dickinson
  • Me and My Minifigs, Sian Hockaday
  • Village Buildings, James Stacey
  • BA Tableware offer, Michael LeCount
  • Groundworks, Richard James
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Member Profile, John Barnes
  • Event Report: Billund Factory Tour, David Tabner

Issue 9, July 2006

Brick issue cover
  • Mind the Gap! London Underground Trains, David Tabner
  • Five minute model: Covered Well, William Howard
  • Game On - LEGO Cathedral, Fiona Dickinson
  • Event Report: Merrist Wood, David Tabner
  • Member Profile, David Graham
  • Modulex - A World of Tiny Bricks, Yvonne Doyle
  • Window into the Community, Ian Greig
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • More SNOT building techniques, Jason Railton

Issue 8, March 2006

Brick issue cover
  • Chairman's Report, Simon Bennett
  • Member Profile, Richard Forster-Pearson
  • ScotFest-Truckfest 2005, David Graham
  • Who will buy my wares?, William Howard
  • Building the village, David Mackenzie
  • Building The Delphinus, Stephen Juby
  • Lego selling, a husbands point of view, Matt Pike
  • Five minute model: Bench, David Mackenzie

Issue 7, September 2005

Brick issue cover
  • Building LEGO Ships, David Tabner
  • Secretary's Report, Jon Reynolds
  • Member Profile, Phil Traviss
  • AFOL Archetypes, Simon Bennett
  • LEGO Inside Tour, Richard James and Justin Ramsden
  • LEGO Robots (Part II), Peter Reid
  • Modern House, Mandy Dee

Issue 6, October 2004

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Mini Naboo Fighter, Richard James
  • Building the Colonial Vipers, Rhys Knight
  • LEGOLAND Billund, Huw Millington
  • Art Deco/Building tips, Mark Palmer
  • Brick Baffles Boffins, Phil Traviss
  • Collaboration, Tony Priestman
  • San Diego Comic Con, James Bacon

Issue 5, June 2004

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Dalek, Jason Railton
  • AGM 2004 review, Tony Priestman
  • Review of 'Getting started with LEGO trains', David Graham
  • How do you store LEGO?, Justin Watkins
  • The rise of Blacktron, Peter Reid
  • Lessons of a LEGO show, William Howard

Issue 4, Christmas 2003

Brick issue cover
  • Organising a LEGOfest, David Graham
  • Scary Laboratory set review, Mark Palmer
  • Five Minute models: Cow and Ram, Alastair Disley and Jason Railton
  • Advanced SNOT, Jason Railton
  • Introduction, Tony Priestman
  • It takes all sorts, Jon Reynolds
  • LEGO Robots, Peter Reid
  • The Orient Hotel, William Howard
  • LEGOLAND Deutschland, Huw Millington

Issue 3, Summer 2003

Brick issue cover
  • Event Horizon, Peter Reid
  • LEGO SNOT, Jason Railton
  • LEGO Sorting, Jon Reynolds
  • Mos-LEGO, a collaborative project, Peter Reid
  • Five minute model: Apple tree, Fiona Dickinson
  • Introduction, Tony Priestman

Issue 2, March 2003

Brick issue cover
  • Five minute model: Picnic table, Simon Bennett
  • Five minute model: Sheep, Mark Palmer
  • Round the bend - LEGO flex, Stuart Jones
  • Book review: LEGO Software Power Tools, Huw Millington
  • Seminal sets, Simon Bennett
  • Annual LEGO festival and general meeting, Tony Priestman

Issue 1, December 2002

Brick issue cover
  • Illegal moves, Peter Reid
  • The BA website, Huw Millington
  • BLTC modules, Mark Palmer
  • Building the A4 Mallard, Jon Reynolds
  • Five minute model: A skip, Huw Millington
  • Introduction to the Association, Tony Priestman