2014 is the Air Jordan 6 shoes bumper, another an Air Jordan 6 Retro Sport Blue exposed a spy. The blue color of the sports shoes with a white shoe, and then with the movement of crystal blue midsole and outsole, rumors will officially meet with you in the first quarter of 2014, there is no exact release date, we will continue to focus.

White upper dotted blue detail, with light blue crystal outsole, this Sport Blue 6s quite sporty, will be officially on sale August 30.

White upper dotted blue midsole motion and detail, this Jordan 6 Sport Blue simple and clean, quite motility, white upper blessing it is quite easy to wear with. And this year engraved in white and red color AJ6 return echoes.

August there will be another AJ Sports Blue waiting for you, this is the Sport Blue 6s Online, as one of a variety of AJ6 this year, late last year, the exposure of this Buy Sport Blue 6s and adopted white Infrared like white uppers, while the details of the midsole and blue dotted chosen sport. Which will be officially on sale August 30.

In addition to the innovation of new color Air Jordan 6, classic color engraved AJ is definitely the focus of the majority of the fans attention. The Pre Order Sport Blue 6s will be officially identified recently struck engraved on August 30 this year, a few days ago, spy kind of shoes are starting to show up on the network, supplemented by many simple white uppers the blue dotted, like a friend you had better ready.